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Malawi Sunrise

Sometimes, all of the little chemicals in your body strike some sort of glorious sort of pattern; concentrations of oxygen, water, sugars, salts, nitrogen, endorphins and other vital hormones exist perfectly, creating an ideal gradient, resulting in absolutely no hangover after a night of hard drinking.  Such was the case in my brief visit to Senga Bay, a small tourism-driven town along the western coastline of Lake Malawi.  I spent a night there in the company of some other foreign travelers and we ended up at a small bar which was really just abandoned concrete box with a pool table and a refrigerator stocked with beer.  My blood thickened from my life in Addis at 7,500 feet, I was slightly less cooperative in complying with the effects of beer and laughably cheap banana rum at the lower altitudes of Malawi.  However, it still wasn’t much of a challenge to end up on the lighter, sillier side of things, and we had a late and lovely night of pool and booze with the locals.

Due the fortunate array of chemical cascades I have previously described, I snapped awake the next morning just after 5 am.  The sun had not yet risen and I was hungry.  Despite the night, I was able to witness a wonderfully warm and golden sort of scene on the shores of the lake right at the origin of the day.  There’s a phrase I’ve noticed to be quite common among English-speaking Europeans, used when they’re describing something in East Africa that is acceptable, pleasurable, or worth doing.  The phrase is quite nice.  Addis, is typically not described as being quite nice.  However, a quaint little restaurant in Addis that serves crepes and ginger tea might be described as quite nice.  A mini bus ride cross-country is not very nice.  A bright afternoon of golf and squash at the embassy, however, is quite nice.

Pre-dawn Lake Malawi is quite nice.


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